• Hybrid Material 2019

        Sities (Spain) 11 - 15 March 2019
         Contribuited talk (D.Grosso):
         "Processing nanostructured hybrid sol-gel coatings through top-down/bottom-up 
         combinations, and recent applications in photonics and gas sensing"

  • Pulse 2019 - International Conference of GDR PULSE
Clermont-Ferrand (FR), July 2019
Invited talk (M.Salvalaglio)
Processus ULtimes de l'epitaxie des SEmi-conducteurs, 

  • E-MRS : European Materials Research Meetings
Warsaw University of Tecnology, (Poland) 16 - 19 September 2019
Invited talk (M.Abbarchi)
"Solid-state dewetting of Si(Ge)-based complex nano-architectures and their applications in photonics"

  • AMSE 2019: Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering

        Osaka (Japan) 22 - 24 July 2019

        Invited talk (L.Favré)
        “Si-Ge Strain Engineering: from Thin Layers to Nanowires"

  • MNE2019: Micro and Nano Engineering Conference,
Rhodes, Greece, 23 - 26 September 2019
Contributed talk (M.Bollani):
"Templated dewetting of ultra-long wires for a Si-based circuit"
Contributed talk (D. Grosso):
"High throughput direct metal oxide nanopatterning by sol-gel soft-NIL in controlled
atmosphere, and related applications".

  • FisMat2019
Catania, (Italy) 30 Sep - 4 Oct 2019
Contributed talk (M.Bollani)
"Assisted self-assembling of monocrystalline silicon wires on SOI substrates".

  • CMNO 2020: Workshop on ‘Complex Materials for Nonlinear Opt
          Zurich (CH) 27 - 31 Jan 2020
        Invited talk (M.Abbarchi ):
        "Solid-state dewetting of Si(Ge)-based complex nano
architecture and their applications in photonics".

  • Dinamo 2019
          Galapagos (Ecuador)
          Invited talk (M.Abbarchi ):
          "Solid-state dewetting of Si(Ge)-based complex nano
architecture and their applications in photonic".

  • PICS3 2019
        Marseilles (France)
Invited talk (M.Abbarchi):
       "Complex pattern formation by templated and spontaneous Dewetting of thin SiGe films".

  • Tera-Meta-Nano 2019
         Lecce (Italy)
         Invited talk (
-up and top-down fabrication methods for Titania-based dielectric metasurfaces".

  • C-NANO PACA 2019
        Porquerolles (France)
        Poster presentation (M.Bouabdellaoui):
        "A SiGe-based metasurface for high-efficency near-infrared anti-reflection coatings".

  • Workshop "Mixing in Porous Media"
        Lorenz center, Leiden (NL) 3 - 7 Feb 2020
        Invited talk (P.De Anna):
        "Mixing and filtration by heterogeneous and confined porous media".

  • 19/10/2020 - Invited seminar

Invited seminar (Monica Bollani):
"Solid-state dewetting of Si(Ge)-based complex nano-architectures and their applications
in photonics and bio/chemical sensing".

  • 22/10/2020 - Virtual MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar
        Losanna Unit (CH)
Invited seminar (Ankur D. Bordoloi):
"Rotation of inertial particles in homogenous isotropic turbulence”.

  • SPb-POEM 2020: Photonic, Optoelectronic, Electronic Material
St.Petersburg (Russia) 27 - 30 Aprile 2020, online conference
Invited talk (Monica Bollani):
"Nano-fabrication and application of Si nanocrystals patterns via templated dewetting".
  • Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society
Dresden (DE). March 2020
Condensed Matter Section (SKM)
Contribited talk (M.Salvalaglio): “Closing the gap between atomic-scale lattice deformations and continuum elasticity within the phase-field crystal framework”.
  • SICT 2021 (Surface, Interface and coating technologies international conference)
Paris, France (7-9 April 2021)
Keynote speaker (M. Bollani): “ Study and optimization of the natural instability in Si-based thin solid films for sensing and photonic applications”.