AMU - Université d’Aix Marseille

The clean-room of the NOVA group is completely dedicated to the fabrication and characterization of silicon- and germanium-based nanostructures. Particular attention has been devoted to the investigation of surface instabilities leading to island formation and growth, nanocrystals obtained via solid-state dewetting and nanowires fabricated via Au catalysis. Two dimensional structures, such as crystalline slabs made of SiGe compounds eventually including heterostructures, have been demonstrated. In parallel to this activity the NOVA team of AMU-IM2NP deals with the fabrication of metal-oxide-based micro- and nano-structures combining sol-gel deposition via dip coating with a nano-imprint lithography method, aerosol spray and more generally high-throughput bottom-up self-assembly strategies. The aim of this activity is to develop materials and methods for the implementation over large scales of structural colours (e.g. titania-based Mie resonators), efficient anti-reflection coatings, gas detectors with porous materials functionalised with surfactants.

Contributing Persons:
Responsible: Prof. Marco Abbarchi
Prof David Grosso